Meekco.Asia joins Facebook Global Expansion Program

by Vanessa Gomes

August 14, 2020

Kah Hing, Meekco.Asia’s CEO and founder

One-stop digital commerce company Meekco.Asia announced that it is going to join the Facebook Global Expansion Program (GEP) to help advertisers expand their business across the globe and achieve cross-border e-commerce goals. According to its press release, Meekco.Asia is targeting to manage merchants' total gross merchandise value of US$50 million per year across both the Malaysian and Singaporean markets.

“With the partnership in place, we will be able to quickly onboard a business into a new country or territory by removing the barrier of unfamiliarity of the local market with our tools, knowhow and technology. We are looking forward to being the top agency in omni-channel conversion marketing for retailers and brands in this region in the next three years,” says Kah Hing, Meekco.Asia’s CEO and founder.

He explains that Facebook GEP features can duplicate a client’s business to any part of the world with the localisation of their business model to fit each specific country. “We provide them with our seven pillars of core services which are the localisation of their e-commerce store, content translation, payment gateway integration, logistics and fulfillment integration, customer service outsourcing, business tax compliance and omni-channel marketing,” he added.

Meekco.Asia assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises to develop Shopify Expert and Shopify Plus stores based in Malaysia and Singapore. Its web development team specialises in providing solutions to B2B customisations for manufacturers, wholesalers and drop-shippers.

Meekco.Asia was recently awarded a contract to build a multi-country web store for Bonia, an international luxury fashion retailer based in Malaysia, with the Shopify Plus enterprise e-commerce platform. It is also the first agency that handles the set-up of an online-to-offline (O2O) commerce solution in Malaysia. Its other retail customers include the Air Asia Foundation, Solartime, Malaya Optical and Tumasek Pewter.