Shopify Community Malaysia reached 1000+ members

by Kathy Tan

June 16, 2020

2 minute read

The Facebook group is managed by Meekco.Asia — a Full-Stack Conversion Marketing Company

🎉 The Shopify Merchant Community Malaysia Facebook group had recently passed 1000 members count on the 9th of May.

We are encouraged and would love to share the journey with you.

The Growth

Recorded a 158.55% Members Growth on Jun 15, 2020 vs Jun 30, 2019👏.

Group created since 2017, merchants are able to share, help & to seek additional support from Shopify partners, app developers, logistic & payment partners, etc. in a safe circle.


Number of posts for the past 28days
Number of comments for the past 28days

We want to Thank You for trusting the group, respecting the rules and sharing generously among each other.


Members expanded from Malaysia to Singapore & across APAC

We also welcome Shopify merchants & partners across APAC and we hope to see more cross-border selling success story this year!


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