MS. READ sees online sales surge by 20% as it expands internationally with POS

February 22, 2023

3 minute read

has championed plus-size fashion in Malaysia since 1997. Having built up a loyal customer base with a preference for in-store shopping, the clothing brand had historically focused on its brick-and-mortar experience. But that all changed when the pandemic hit and MS. READ seized the opportunity to transform its traditional retail approach. The brand, working with Meekco Asia, Shopify Plus Partner specializing in cross-border ecommerce activation, dialed up its omnichannel focus and cross-border expansion with a digital-first strategy.

Since moving to Shopify Plus, MS. READ has seen:

✔ 300% increase in efficiency, in terms of time and resources saved, while launching cross-border stores

✔ 20% rise in online revenue

✔ Cross-border store launch time cut from months to 24 hours

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