7 Step-by-Step Guide to Scale at Speed

August 4, 2021

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Growth hacking has only been around for a few years, but it’s already catching fire. Every startup is looking for growth hackers.

Key growth hacking strategies are not reserved only for professionals. Anyone who has the right skills, tool stack and drive can build upon these tactics to increase a product’s reach and subscribers.

Growth Hacking trend in search volume, job ads and online discussions (Source: Exploding Topics)

But what exactly is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is a new field focusing solely on growth, based on a data-driven, experiment-based process.

The end game for any growth hacker is finding scalable strategies to bring in more users. A growth hacker uses all initiatives, tools, and techniques to achieve consumer growth. This professional needs to be both a marketer and an engineer who seeks out the best marketing ideas through testing and analyzing results.

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A Growth Hacking Mindset:

  • Speed > Perfection: It’s better to see quickly if something has potential, versus building it from start-to-end.
  • Make data-driven decisions: By using data, you can positively improve your effectiveness. Where to focus your time and resources for the most significant impact? 
  • Always be improving (both in business and personal): There is always a new bottleneck in your business’s growth to tackle. And in personal terms, you learn to have a high level of “Learnability”: If you don’t know how something works, you just start to Google it and read up, like you are right now!

There’s many aspects to how we can execute the Growth Hacking Strategy. Let’s start with some basics.

Here are 7 growth hacks any business can learn and increase their customer base and product reach.

1.Data Analyst

To construct the basis of data analysis, you must first have the concepts of statistics and advanced statistics, and then be familiar with website traffic analysis such as Google Analytics, association analysis, Logistic Regression, A/ B Testing.

Start collecting these important datas of your customers and analyze with the tools above to see what are the missing opportunities!

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2. Conversion Optimisation

The key to conversion is when customers know what you want them to do and how the call-to-action looks like. For example: Do you want them to book an appointment for a test drive, to increase the chance for customers to purchase the car? Or you would like them to be directed to your website and purchase your skincare right now?

Different business requires different marketing strategy, but they all share some common best practice:

1. Extremely distinctive headline - That matches your audience’s taste

2. Match with attractive picture design - With the power of social media, we have to keep up with the aesthetic standard. 

3. CLEAR & SIMPLE Call-to-Action - Be it a sign up form, or checking out for purchase, If it takes more than 5 minutes to do it, it may be too complicated for your customers too
4. Multiple version testing - Find the most effective version to spend your budget on

5. Finishing with a  human touch -Enhance brand through customer service

3.Coding + Automation

A Growth Hacker needs to understand the technical aspects of programming, but does not need to develop a web completely (of course, the more you participate, the more helpful).

If you can understand some basics of Javascript, Html, Css, Bootstrap, npm, Git and other programming languages, it will be of great help to your product/service/official website design.

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 4.User Experience

When it comes to user experience UX (User Experience), it is necessary to mention the user interface UI (User Interface), which mainly refers to the function of designing web pages, the convenience of overall use, and the beauty of the overall page; 

UX (User Experience) are improve according to the user’s habits, arrange the content flow planning of the entire website page, such as what block content should appear on the website first, such as the position where the call to action button CTA (Call to Action) appears, or refer to the successful design case (Airbnb ).

 5.Lean Marketing

To put it simply, don’t dwell on one thing for too long, test it multiple times and improve overtime.

Lean marketing is a type of "test". Only through the test model can products/e-commerce platforms/services have the opportunity to collect data, verify hypotheses, base improvement directions, and continuously optimize through excellence.

There will be a version that is most suitable for the market, and it will continue to be optimized over time.

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6.Understanding People Online

Understanding users’ online behavior is a very common Growth Hacker method.

Google Analytics data analysis is to study the behavior of users on the Internet. The data analysis program designed can evaluate consumers based on the results of the data. Behavioral psychology, optimize websites and products, and launch exciting activities.

Regarding the operational aspects of Google Analytics data analysis, a separate article will be published for discussion, and I will not repeat it here. Chatbots are also products designed through data analysis, behavioral psychology, and programming languages.

7.Digital Marketing

In today’s booming age of the Internet, digital marketing tools can be mastered everywhere, and they have become a marketing method commonly used by companies.

Various advertising networks/native ads/keyword ads + tracking code generate data. Make the most accurate marketing to increase turnover and conversion rate. Good luck with your journey! Our team here in Meekco.Asia wishes you all the best of luck! If you need more help on Advance Marketing services, here’s where to find us !

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