5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

August 18, 2021

9 minute read

Been blasting a lot of promos to your customer list but not getting any returns? Email marketing is not a game of chance. You have to put certain systems and structures in place for you to see good returns. Here’s 5 essential tips for you!

1. Set email marketing goals

Different brands may have different goals to achieve via EDM. Your goal will strongly affect the content you will be sharing to your audience. Marketers thus need to create emails that are in line with any of these or other desired goals.

  • increase customer engagement
  • raise loyalty
  • maximize ROI
  • maintain relationships with your clients
  • Educate audience on your business/product


2. Determine your target audience

Marketers need to build their email subscriber list. To do this, you have to identify the target audience your company serves. Are they into sports? Do they have an interest in fashion? Filtering the right audience for your campaign is a crucial first step.

3. Use the right tactic

After identifying the right audiences, you need to pick the best tactics for your EDM campaigns.

In this context, tactics refer to the tips and tricks that a marketer uses to push their strategy and thus achieve the set goals. An example of a tactic could be “to start a cart-abandonment program to cut down on the number of lost sales.”

Get personal. Personalization is one of the most important elements you need to strive to nail in every campaign. Personalisation means more than just addressing your client by their names, Being relevant, Sending timely emails, Anticipating your subscriber’s needs are structured ways to make your clients feel understood.

In order to win at sending personalized campaigns, you need to have a strategy for collecting relevant data from your customers.

Promotions aren’t everything. Send when you have something valuable to share. For example, giving a subscription model only to loyal clients to save their time!

4. Create a schedule for sending email

To ensure that subscribers read your promotional emails, find out the best time for sending emails. It is, therefore, necessary to experiment and determine the time when subscribers are most engaged.

Optimize email efforts for subscriber lifetime value, not campaign activity.

Automation is a MUST. Let’s be honest – without automation, you won’t see the famed results of email marketing. Without automation, you’re missing out on revenue. Automation helps you by Increasing conversion rates, Improving efficiency, reducing human errors and most importantly, allowing you to easily scale.

Apart from these three (out of many) advantages of marketing automation, you also get the benefit of having more time to do other things that help your business grow.

5. Monitor email performance reports

Adjusting your email strategy based on reports and feedback that you have gathered is the last stepTrack email open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, spam complaints etc.

Unsubscribes can be a good thing. We can’t please everyone. Removing people who aren’t that interested is actually healthy. But you gotta look out for signs of spam/ lack of values in your content that makes people turn away. For example, long loading time, or unclear messages.

Last but not least. Test, and test some more.

Testing is a good habit. Audience, products, business, market, trends, everything changes by the days! You have to test your mails functionality, best titles to use, which kinds of email makes a high conversion rate, or which one drives people away. Constantly tested and constantly improving, Meekco.Asia wishes you the best of luck!

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